AVX Tantalum Polymer SMD Capacitors

AVX Corporation, a leading manufacturer of advanced passive components and interconnect solutions, is now exceeding the 100V milestone – which is almost twice the rated voltage of similar products on the market today – with the introduction of its new high voltage TCJ series 3.3µF/125V (D case) tantalum polymer SMD capacitors.

AVX’s new 125V tantalum polymer capacitors are available from April 2013. Following the award winning 50V TCJ series capacitor released in 2010 and the 63V and 75V version launched only in spring 2012, the new components offer the benefits of great capacitance, high voltage, and low ESR technology in a small case size.

Maintaining 20% recommended voltage derating; TCJ series capacitors significantly extend the usable voltage range. This unique combination enables design engineers to replace up to two of the highest rated component values in this technology by just one component.


Basic Overview:

-AVX exceeds 100V milestone with new high voltage tantalum polymer SMD capacitors
-125V rated voltage SMD polymer tantalum capacitors
-Good reliability with failure rate 1%/1000hrs at 85C and rated voltage
-Low ESR and low voltage derating rule of only 20% allows usage up to 100V
-Primary application Telecommunications, DC/DC convertors and LED drivers of modern televisions